Muskegon mobile mental health program hits high gear

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- Access to mental health care in Muskegon County is getting a little easier.

A mobile crisis unit is hitting the road to provide care at people's homes and it's having a positive effect on the community. In the past two years, the pilot program at Health West in Muskegon has traveled to hundreds of homes. Responders say people enjoy the convenience of having a mental health office at their front door.

“It’s really about trying to meet a family where they are at and when they are able, instead of having them come during the business day into our office where it may be uncomfortable,” says clinical manager at Health West, Kelly France.

The unique approach lets the road service provide mental health to a wide range of people.

“It could be thoughts of not wanting to live anymore, or fear of how am I going to go to school tomorrow, or face the social anxiety that I’ve been dealing with,” says France.

Their mobile response stretches across Muskegon County. All you have to do is call and within an hour they'll send someone to you. If you don't have insurance, it's no problem. They want anyone who's struggling with mental health to give them a call, so they can get professional help.

“There’s always a clinician who responds with a partner. That may be two clinicians, but we also have bachelor-level stabilizers that will respond with a clinician, so it’s always a two-person team,” says France.

Health West says they use community feedback to tweak and improve the mobile response unit and grow and expand it in the future. If you have any questions call 231-722-HELP.

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