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Lori’s Voice co-founder continues to inspire others one year post-accident

COOPERSVILLE, Mich.-- It's been a year-long recovery for the co-founder of a local non-profit.

In a split second, the woman who's usually on the giving end of things by helping children living with disabilities suddenly found herself needing that same support after a car accident.

"The air bags went off and I thought the van was on fire," recalled Lori Hastings, co-founder of Lori's Voice.

Two weeks before Christmas in 2017, Lori and her husband Dave Hastings accidentally ran a stop sign and slammed into another vehicle.

Lori, who has muscular dystrophy and already bound to a wheelchair before the accident, got the brunt of the impact.

"I had broken my femur and my ankle and both pelvic bones," Hastings said.

She was hospitalized through Christmas, her birthday, and even the birth of one of her grandchildren.

"There were a couple of nights I felt really alone and I couldn't go on any further."

But the woman who devoted her life to serving others suddenly learned how to accept that same support.

"You swallow a lot of pride," Hastings recalled. "But, when you know the person on the other side is helping you and they feel so good about it, you just let it go and accept it. Accept the help."

In fact, many of those same kids who's lives she's helped improve ended up showing her just how far they've come too.

"One of the little girls said, I'm going to surprise you, Lori. She stood outside the door and she walked in," Hastings said with a smile.

"When you see those little ones and you see how they struggle and fight, it gives you the energy to do that yourself."

The accident showed the Hastings that nothing will keep them from their mission.

"We keep pushing on because we know we have to. The accident slowed us down a bit, but it didn't stop us."

And it shows: In 2018 alone, Lori's Voice donated more than $200,000 through grants, specialty wheelchairs, specialty vans, and orthotics among many other equipment and services.

Plus, they received several awards, recognizing their ethics and devotion to serving others.

There's no telling what 2019 will bring.

Lori's Voice is always looking for corporations to sponsor their foundation.
If you share a passion for helping children with special needs live their best lives, you can contact them through their website or Facebook page.

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