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1 dead after construction zone crash on US-131 in Kent County

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Michigan State Police is investigating after a deadly crash early Thursday morning.

The crash occurred around 2 a.m. in the southbound lanes of US-131 just past 10 Mile Road at the southern end of the construction zone that runs from 10 Mile to 14 Mile. MSP investigators say a 21-year-old woman from Howard City was driving northbound into the construction zone when she last control. The vehicle went into the median and rolled several times. The woman was not wearing seat belts and was ejected. The vehicle came to rest in the southbound lanes.

The woman has been identified as Ashley Antor-Lovell.

A short time after she crashed, another driver hit her vehicle, but that driver was not injured.

The southbound lanes were closed until around 5:15 a.m.


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  • Rob W

    This is a dangerous stretch in the dark, particularly northbound, but south as well. I wish they would install blinder slats to reduce glare from opposing traffic. I’ve been detouring around this section.

  • Eric M

    A short time ago a driver was rear ended and killed on northbound 131 where it narrows to one lane for this construction project. The union workers went on strike for a month, thinking only of their pay. Never mind the businesses who are impacted, or the ongoing inconvenience and danger for the motoring public. With the finish of construction pushed back due to their refusal to work, that danger remains and now we have another fatality. That union has blood on it’s hands, and I hope this is a consideration when they go to renegotiate their contract this winter.

    • Papa

      Nice try, Eric. The REAL blame lies with the people who, every morning, drive like maniacs, putting everyone else’s lives at risk just so they aren’t late for work. To any of those people – Was it worth it? The selfish, dangerous motorists are the ones with blood on their hands. This also includes the rogue, non- English speaking contractual semi truck drivers.

  • Steve Lahaie

    The speed limit through that construction zone is 60 mph for a reason but it seems like some folks like to show everyone else what a good driver they are in a tight construction zone.

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