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Three dogs abandoned in Ionia find forever home together

IONIA COUNTY, Mich. -- Rodney Fournier drove 83 miles, from his home near Jackson, to adopt three elderly dogs that were abandoned in Ionia a few weeks ago.

“I can give them the home, that’s a forever home,” Rodney Fournier said.

He adopted all three dogs, and named them Jack, Chrissy, and Janet after "Three's Company."

The Ionia County Animal Shelter couldn't believe it.

“They’ve already gone through so much, being abandoned, so taking, and separating them, would have been terrible,”  Carly Quinn with Ionia County Animal Control said.

Rodney said when he saw the shelter's Facebook post about the dogs, he knew they were meant to come home with him. He has a lot of land, plenty of room for the dogs to live out the rest of their days.

“I will give them love and care, and play with them every day, because that’s what they really deserve. And keep them together,"  Fournier said.

Because, for Rodney...three might be company...but the four of them make a family.

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1 Comment

  • Robert E Lee

    Thank You Rodney! You are a great person. Thank God you took them. I wanted to but i have 3 dogs already and not enough room for 3 more. Whoever abandoned the dogs should be in trouble of some kind. It is wrong to take dogs into your home give them love and attention for most of there life only to abandon them when they need you most. You are a sick POS! Those dogs loved you unconditionally, probably would have defended your life and you just leave them? i hope you rot in hell. there is a special place in hell for people like those who are cruel to our best friends. Except for death there are not many reasons to abandon your best friend.

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