Excessive Heat Warning Issued for West Michigan

Bulldogs stay loose with bowling and arcade games in Texas

FRISCO, Texas -- Valdosta State and Ferris State will be competing for the division II national championship on the football field Saturday,  but Thursday night at main event in Frisco, it is about a little bit of fun in stepping away from the football field with bowling, arcade games and air hockey."

"It's between me and Danny Collins" junior guard Corey Carr said in refenrecnce to bowling.   "We got a good little game going on right now, we have four or five strikes right now, so it'll come down to the wire."

Meanwhile, Malik Taylor was the king of air hockey.

"Oh yeah, it's intimidating" Taylor the senior wide receiver said.   "I'm undefeated, i'm just swinging it so they lose eye sight of it and try to hit it against the wall and hope it goes in."

While junior quarterback Travis Russell was busy taking out freshman lineman Cooper Clapp in MotoGP.

"It was a hard fought battle" Russell said.   "I had no idea what was going on at first i think we were both stuck and got off to a slow start but then the alpha arose after a while and clearly that was me."

Always to have a little fun on the trip which the players hope ends with a national championship.

"It's nice to get away for a minute" Taylor added.  "Both teams are going to the national championship and obviously that's the goal and it's just nice to have both teams come out here and get away for a minute and get away from the film so that's really nice."

After the fun night, the Bulldogs will turn around and visit two elementary schools during a community outreach program on Friday and then they'll get right back to football as well.

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