Season of Giving Blood Drive in Grand Rapids today

While many families plan to go on vacations this holiday season, the need for blood never does. Fox 17 is teaming up with Michigan Blood for the Season of Giving Blood Drive, so the community can give someone the gift of blood this year.

Season of Giving Blood Drive will take place at Michigan Blood's Main Donor Center, located at 1036 Fuller Northeast. They'll be taking appointments and walk-ins on Monday, December 17 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For those interested in donating, here's what they need to know before scheduling an appointment:

  • Donating blood takes about an hour.
  • Anyone age 17 or older in good health who meets eligibility requirements is encouraged to give.
  • Parental consent is required for donors age 16 to give.
  • The donation process takes about an hour.
  • Donors should bring a photo ID that includes their birth date.

To make an appointment during or outside the blood drive, visit or call 1-866-642-5663.

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1 Comment

  • Sara

    What happens after the people give their blood for free ? Does the company taking the blood then turn around and charge patients outrageous amounts of $$$ for the blood?? Or do they give the blood away for free to people in need ?? Or ??? Im curious about the process with the blood after donation