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Couple arrested in Springfield after deputies find 19 different forms of identification in their car

SPRINGFIELD, Mich. -- Calhoun County Sheriff's detectives arrested two people Wednesday morning after they found nearly 20 different types of identifications, including stolen checks, in their vehicle.

"Our deputies were patrolling on Jackson street in the Springfield area when they witnessed a vehicle driving down the roadway with no lights on whatsoever at 6 o’clock in the morning," Sheriff Matt Saxton said. "It’s still dark outside at that time  and lights are required on a vehicle."

Deputies stopped the vehicle on Jackson near Lenon Street, he said. During the stop, deputies found several identifications that did not belong to the man and woman who were in the vehicle.

"There were eight different checks belonging to eight different people in that vehicle, from five different counties here in Southwest Michigan," Sheriff Saxton said. "Also had some other identity theft-type information in the vehicle."

Deputies also learned that the two people were either on probation or parole, he said. The man in the vehicle, a 42-year-old from Dowling, was on parole for Receiving/Concealing Stolen Property, Burglary, and Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine and Possession of a Firearm. The woman in the vehicle, a 33-year-old from Plainwell, was on probation for Welfare Fraud.  Both were taken to the Calhoun County Jail.

Sheriff Saxton said the prosecutor is working with multiple agencies to develop official charges. At this time, detectives do not know how the suspects came to possess other people's personal information. He said sometimes thieves will gather people's information on social media or rifle through their mail. Nevertheless, the arrest should serve as a reminder for everyone to keep a close eye on their finances.

"It’s always good to make sure you know exactly what credit cards you have and numbers to call to cancel those when they’re stolen or lost," Sheriff Saxton said.  "The 800 number is on the back of that credit card. If it’s stolen you may not know the numbers."

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