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Jenison Boy Scouts recycle Christmas trees for free

JENISON, Mich. — Old Christmas trees are creating new opportunities for Boy Scout Troop 354 our of Jenison.

First class scout, Gabriel Glorian explains, “We’re collecting trees for local families and we’re taking them over to the Georgetown Church and we’re going to chip them and also collect donation money.”

The tradition is an annual one for the Ottawa County Scouts.

Last year they collected nearly 90 trees and earned $1,000!

Because of those funds Gabriel tell us the troop of 10-to-18 year olds was able to get a new trailer and more; “Part of the money goes to charities and those in need, but it also gives us a chance to purchase more gear, and also give us a chance to do all the exciting things we like.”

Eagle Scout, Toby Hollen tells us some of the things he’s gotten to do, “I’ve learned a lot of valuable life skills like how to start a fire, and how to survive out in the woods, and how to cook.”

Years worth of character building at the price of some spare change and an old Christmas tree.

It’s a pretty great trade-off, one that could even help shape a life.
“It’s changed who I am at school, it’s changed who I am in my community, you know starting to help people out a lot more.  It’s a great opportunity, I think every person should go through that, it would be a good part of their life,” shares Gabriel.


Troop 354 of Jenison will also be out next week collecting trees.
You can find them the morning of Saturday, January 5th, at the Georgetown United Methodist Church.

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