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Know the Law – Recreational Marijuana

As of 12/6/2018, the use of recreational marijuana in Michigan became legal. Legalizing Proposition 1, with 55% of the vote, allows Michigan to join nine other states who have legalized recreational marijuana. Grand Rapids personal injury attorney, Tom Sinas, explains the legal ins and outs of recreational marijuana use in the state.

Regulating Recreational Marijuana in Michigan

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan, it’s important to familiarize yourself with certain rules and regulations. Similarly to alcohol, users must be 21 years or older, and follow zero-tolerance intoxication laws. Operating any vehicle under the influence of any amount of marijuana is illegal.

Users of recreational marijuana in Michigan can hold up to 10oz, and grow up to 12 plants in their homes. However, not everybody is allowed to sell marijuana. In order to sell marijuana, sellers must obtain a license from the state, and follow new legislature. The only setting the sale of marijuana can occur in is municipalities that follow local government regulations. Marijuana must be sold for profit and taxed 10%. In addition to these regulations, local government also holds the right to vote on and ban establishments making these sales. West Michigan communities that voted to ban the sale of recreational marijuana include Grand Haven, Wyoming, Hudsonville, and surrounding communities. The city of Grand Rapids has not voted to ban sales.

Federal Laws and Recreational Marijuana

Although Recreational marijuana in Michigan is now legal, it is still considered illegal under federal law. This means marijuana cannot cross state borders. The Department of Justice can still prosecute individuals under federal law, although they do not hold it as a high priority. In saying that, the Department of Justice’s priorities can change depending on who is in the White House.

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