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St. Joseph mother not giving up hope, continues search for missing daughter

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Mich. – Burlington mother, Jessica Rolfe has not heard from or seen her daughter, Brittany Shank since a car accident in November.

“My daughter Brittany Shank has been missing for a month now, so we’ve been out searching. She went off the road down Fawn River after she did laundry at grandmother’s house one night, and she went around a curb and the car went off the road. Nobody has seen her since,” says Rolfe.

Right after the accident, residents living along Fawn River Road say they saw Shank asking for help.

“She went to a couple houses and knocked on the doors. [She] knocked on one door, was seen at the window at another house, that’s the last time anybody has seen her,” said Rolfe.

Rolfe tells FOX 17 one resident tried to help, but couldn’t get cell service to call 9-1-1, and said Shank disappeared before they could try again.

This information has been given to the police, but her distraught mother is carrying out her own investigation as well.

“I’m gonna look still, ya know? We just searched all these woods this morning, we went kayaking down the river, so here we are again. No leads and no nothing that shows any sign of her,” says Rolfe.

There are some leads though.

Rolfe says Brittany was last seen with an unknown male described as short and stocky with blond hair and sideburns.

Friends of Shank also have given statements about a blue Crown Victoria car and a questionable boyfriend.

Brittany Shank is about 5’1, 110 lbs, with several tattoos, piercings, hazel eyes, and dark hair.

Loved by many, her mother tell us her search will not end until the truth comes out, “She’s very charismatic, she love life most days, she’s had some troubles, but she definitely finds God and finds her way through the tough times,” said Rolfe. “That’s what she was doing when all of this came about, we miss her.”

Brittany Shank’s family now has a GoFundMe page to raise money for a reward for information about Brittany and funds for a private investigator.

If you have any information about Brittany’s whereabouts, call her mother Jessica Rolfe at 517-677-0727 or the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Office at 269-467-9045.

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