A Florida girl had her SAT result flagged. She says she didn’t cheat and hires famous lawyer.

Kamilah Campbell wants to go to Florida State University and major in dance. She has a 3.1 grade point average and a lifetime of dance experience.

But after getting her score from the SAT after her first try — a 900 — Campbell decided she needed to do better. Her mom got her a tutor, she took online classes and she got a copy of a The Princeton Review prep book.

Seven months later, in October, the high school senior from Miami Gardens, Florida, took the test again.

Later, when she got an envelope in the mail from the testing company, she was shocked when she opened it.

It was a letter. Not results.

“We are writing to you because based on a preliminary review, there appears to be substantial evidence that your scores … are invalid,” it said. “Our preliminary concerns are based on substantial agreement between your answers on one or more scored sections of the test and those of other test takers. The anomalies noted above raise concerns about the validity of your scores.”

Campbell felt like she was being accused of cheating and she wants to know why she cannot get her new score.

She believes her second total score was flagged because it was so much better than her first. She said she called the company and a representative told her she had a combined 1230 from the reading, writing and language, math and essay sections on her second effort. A score of 1600 is perfect.

“I did not cheat. I studied, and I focused to achieve my dream,” she told reporters Wednesday. “I worked so hard and did everything I could do.”

Zach Goldberg, a spokesman for The College Board, the company that conducts the SAT, said a score is never flagged for review solely on score gains. Score gains are celebrated, he said.

Scores could be flagged for a number of reasons, including testing sheets having similar answers or an incident occurring at the testing site, he said.

Prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump, a Florida State graduate, got involved when asked to help by other FSU alums. He is steering Campbell and her mother through the process of demanding The College Board validate her score in time for her to be accepted into the Florida State dance program.

At Wednesday’s news conference he said they are giving the company two weeks to respond to a demand letter.

He reiterated that they believe the score is not being validated because Campbell improved 330 points.

“Instead of celebrating her and celebrating her achievement they are trying to assassinate her character, and we won’t stand for that,” he said.

Daisy Gonzalez-Diego, the chief spokeswoman from the Miami-Dade School District, said the situation was “disturbing.”

“Although this is a test administered by a private entity, and not M-DCPS, we feel a moral obligation to intervene,” she said. The school superintendent has asked The College Board for assurances the investigation will be quick.

Goldberg said reviews typically take four to six weeks.

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  • Hillary

    The hiring of the prominent civil rights attorney tells me the rest of the story. When the investigation fails to go her way, they will play the race card.

    • steve

      Hillary, everything is about race these days. Everything. Whether the claim is legitimate or not makes no difference, and if an accusation of racism goes before a court, it’s up to the defendant to prove their innocence rather than the prosecution to prove guilt. Wrong? yes. But real.

      • LovinTheUSA

        And the only game you have is to tear down someone who has different views than yours. You probably one of those people who hate the President, but cannot even come up with a valid reason why, other then your party lost.

    • Hillary

      Wait and see, I have been wrong before, and acknowledge that I do not know this woman, but I’ll bet a shiny new penny, that she has hired the activist lawyer with a strategy in mind. That is playing the race card. If she truly improved her score of her own doing, then she does not need a lawyer in that field. The testing agencies are experts at detecting fraud, and if it’s there, they will.

      • NEW Bob

        Seems like you should go back to school and learn how to read Hillary. Doesn’t seem like she “hired” him at all.
        “Prominent civil rights attorney Ben Crump, a Florida State graduate, got involved when asked to help by other FSU alums.”

        • C

          New Bob, you’re the one that needs to read. What does the headline say? It includes a word spelled H-I-R-E-S in the text. Last time I looked that spells ‘hires’, and regardless of who asked the civil rights attorney for help and he agrees, that’s lawyer speak for ‘hired’. But don’t worry. Thanks to mindsets like I’m guessing you and she have, she’ll wind up being admitted for fear of the test administrator being branded as ‘racist’.

        • LovinTheUSA

          Actually bob, I did read the entire article, and I am sufficiently schooled. However, I am not so slanted from my political leanings, to overlook the fact the the term “got involved” and “ guiding them through the process” from an activists attorney, means that they have “hired” him, which in that cesspool of the litigation world, means that they have sign a contingency agreement.
          Anything else you might want clarified bob?

    • LovinTheUSA

      Come on Hillary, you know that if you do not follow the narrative, you do not get to participate. That is the way of all “new media”

  • HenryFord

    Looks like Hillary was right, this is blowing up into a racial issue on other news outlets, with a new hashtag following about girls of color.
    While I was more open to wait for the results of the investigation, I felt that 7 months of studies could make an impact, i now agree, that the race card has been played, and it has taken all of the wind from this young woman’s sails. Even if she did not cheat, her score is tainted.

    • Hillary

      Let’s see if I can post this:

      What started as a legitimate issue, was clouded over by injecting a race issue, where there was none. The testing agency will have no choice but to fold their hand, or be branded as racists. It is extortion, plain and simple. Imagine if a Caucasian person tried this.
      For shame!

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