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Fennville Superintendent: ‘No fight club in high school boy’s bathroom’

FENNVILLE, Mich.-- Two high school students in Allegan County are in some hot water after a fight at school last month, and plans for fights to continue. School officials say it was taken care of before it went any further.

The superintendent of Fennville Public Schools says there wasn’t a 'fight club' going on in the boy’s bathroom of the high school, but a fight did take place last month. The students who were involved made a Facebook group called 'Fight' where they discussed plans to fight again.

The school turned those students over to Fennville Police, who are currently conducting an investigation.

Fennville Superintendent Jim Greydanus says a fight took place December 5 between two male students in the boy’s bathroom during lunch period. That night, those students created a Facebook group where they, along with one other student, commented about fighting again two days later on December 7. All of the students involved are under the age of 18.

In a statement to FOX 17, Greydanus says a student alerted a staff member to a possible issue in the men’s restroom on December 7. Staff were able to prevent a second fight from ever taking place.

Fennville Police chief Greg Rekucki says they were contacted by the school about the incident and an investigation has been underway for about a month.

"The reports are just about completed," said Rekucki. "We’re doing a couple last interviews and then it’ll be turned over to the prosecutor’s office.”

Rekucki expects everything to wrap up and be sent to the prosecutor’s office on Monday.

“The school just wants an end to this and to set a precedent that this is not going to fly in our school, someone’s going to get injured," said Rekucki. "Their main responsibility at Fennville Schools is to make sure the kids are safe when they’re at the school that day, so they want to make sure that there’s no injuries and that this doesn’t happen again.”

Superintendent Greydanus says the incident violated school policy and both students involved have been disciplined, but are still students in the district. He reiterates this wasn’t an ongoing incident or a 'fight club', by any means.

The superintendent also applauds the student who reported the incident to staff members, saying their actions aligned with the district’s promotion of positive behaviors.

The students involved were disciplined by the school district and could be in more trouble if the prosecutor decides to pursue charges.

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  • Common sense

    The police and prosecutor can’t do shit about it. If two people agree to fight and do, it is their right to do it. This dope of a superintendent is as stupid as the chief of police. I want to report 2 boys fighting too. They we’re in the gym and all kinds of people were just watching the fight including lots of adults. They we’re finally stopped from fight after exactly 6 minutes and one boy won the fight and was congratulated. The these same people let other boys fight to. The kids started out not weighing much and got bigger with each fight.

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