NSI/Geek Group tech hub to launch ‘Going Out of Business’ sale

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  — A technology hub that was raided by the feds on December 21st on Grand Rapids’ West Side is launching a “Going Out of Business” sale, beginning this week.

Chris Boden, president of the National Science Institute – originally dubbed “The Geek Group” – took to social media Saturday night to discuss the parameters of the close-out sale at 902 Leonard Street NW. He says it’ll run weekdays from noon to 6 p.m. “until the end of this month.”

The not-for-profit educational group closed on December 31, 2018, ten days after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service and other agencies executed a search warrant. Details about the warrants is contained in sealed documents in federal court.

Boden says in a Saturday-night written statement on Facebook, “We have to completely liquidate all of our assets to close down the nonprofit. There will be nothing left. The proceeds will go towards paying off our gigantic mountain of debt. The sale will end on Jan 31 2019, because we simply cannot operate the building beyond that, it’s too expensive. Items left after the sale will be donated to other worthy nonprofit organizations. Anything they don’t want, gets scrapped. This is the end of the line”.

Boden says items can be bid on in a silent auction, “or you can Buy It Now”. He lays out the process for doing that in his online post. Boden also says “By the end of this week, we expect the entire lab to be open for the sale…”.

Boden says on his Faceook page that he will issue a further statement to the public Sunday and livestream the “entire writing of the document from start to finish”.



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    • Kevin Rahe

      I was always a little puzzled by how they got their funding. I can imagine some coming from grants from governments or corporations, and perhaps some from various businesses for R&D work, but I think it would be pretty hard to keep an operation like that going. Plus, Mr. Boden’s political positions occasionally spilled over into the operation, which may have been a bit too much on the liberal side for this region of the country.

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