Victims in fatal Montcalm Co. crash identified

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

M-46 and Amble Road, Winfield Twp.

WINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Police have identified the victims in a crash from Sunday afternoon that killed a nine-month-old girl.

Annalee Baker was restrained in her car seat in the three-vehicle crash on M-46 near Amble Road in Montcalm County, according to Michigan State Police. She died at the scene.

Annalee was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Michelle Baker, 46, of Howard City.  Samantha Baker, 18, and Zachary Buckles, 18, were also passengers in the vehicle.  Samantha Baker was flown to the hospital by Aeromed.  Samantha died from her injuries on Monday. Michelle Baker and Buckles were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say that Michelle Baker was driving east on M-46 and slowed to turn north onto Amble Road when her vehicle was hit from behind by a pickup truck driven by Brian Johnson, 27, of Cedar Springs. That collision pushed Baker’s vehicle into oncoming traffic where it was hit by a westbound pickup truck driven by Annette Dow, 54, of Sand Lake.

Police are still investigating the crash.

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  • Keithen

    I see a lot of people driving 5,000+lb vehicles while not paying attention yet it’s only a small fine. Until texting and driving is treated like drunk driving, people will be dying regularly in car accidents. It’s been proven to be just as fatal and not only that, you’ve made that decision while sober and of a clear mind. At least a drunk has the excuse of having poor judgement while intoxicated. Not saying he was texting and driving but you bet he wasnt paying attention. Its not hard to see a bright red car in the middle of the day with the sun high in the sky.

    • Anonymous

      It disgusts me that people are more than willing to point figures and make accusations with absolutely no proof whatsoever of wrongdoing. It only takes a small fraction of a second for a tragedy like this to happen. And I don’t care how perfect you think you are, you’re not. Just imagine a fraction of a second, driving along, no intension of wrongdoing, and faster than you even know it, you just became a villain. Now you have to live with what just happened for the rest of your life, knowing that somehow, there had to be something that you could’ve done. And on top of that some asshole on the internet wants to put you behind bars, wants your destroy your future. All for a fraction of a second. It’s a tragedy and should’ve never happened, but at least the dead don’t have to suffer such ridicule. I fear such a fate every day, much more than I fear dying in an accident. A fraction of a second has already ended one life, why can’t we just let it stop there. I don’t know Mr. Johnson, and maybe it was wrongdoing, but it’s not for us to say. Remember, it could have just as easily been you in either of those cars.

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