Pelosi accuses Trump of having ‘chosen fear’

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the president has “chosen fear” in making the case to the American people for the border wall and Democrats “want to start with the facts.”

Pelosi said Tuesday night in a rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address that “we all agree that we need to secure our borders.”

She noted that the House passed legislation to reopen government on the first day of the new Congress. But Trump rejects that legislation because it doesn’t have funding for his border wall.

She says: “The fact is: President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government.”

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    • C

      They’re not. The only thing the Democrats are interested in is expanding their latest group of people that are beholden to the government for the means to get by. That’s the way Democrats have operated for years. Union members, Blacks, single females, especially those with children have all been made subservient to the Democrats by their ‘humanitarian’ generosity of taxpayer funded programs and legislation. Now, they’re working, not unsuccessfully, with illegals from the South. The bottom line is, It’s the votes of these groups that matter to the Democrats and nothing more. If a law was passed and enforced that prohibited illegals from voting at all for ten years and only after becoming citizens, I think the Democrats’ ‘compassion’ would diminish in short order.

    • C

      Kevin, the censor squashed an earlier comment I made, so I’ll keep it short this time. The Democrats see many illegals as people that might become voters in the future. So, they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that the future votes they cast will be for the party that got them into los Estados Unidos. The Democrats have used the same group strategy in different circumstances and at different times in the past, and with the help of some of the media, it’ll work again. Oh, in response to your comment, you’re right.

  • lml25

    The Democrats have a lot of fear–fear that Trump will prevent all those future Democratic voters from pouring into our country.Pelosi would like nothing better than getting more non-white immigrants into a few states–like Michigan,Ohio,Pennsylvania,Wisconsin–to swing the 2020 Prez election their way.That’s all this is about.

  • Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

    All Pelosi wants is illegal aliens who vote demoncrat – if the left thought for a moment that the illegal vote went conservative, the wall would be 50 feet high with land mines and alligators.

  • Greg

    Trump Grounds Pelosi’s Plane one hour before take off. Poor Pelosi, all dolled up, nowhere to go on Tax Payer Dime. Cancel your 5 star hotel, Federal employees working to help you while they aren’t being paid. Oh my. Trump just trumped Pelosi like nothing ever seen. He’s holding Pelosi accountable to her OWN STANDARDS and idealogy. Beautiful. Brillant. NOTHING SOPHMORIC about it. It’s what is NEEDED and should be done more often to expose these terrible HIPOCRITES bemoaning the shutdown. IF the SHUTDOWN was so important to Pelosi what the heck is she thinking by going to on an all expense paid trip to 3 countries instead of DOING YOUR JOB HERE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! There is NO sane reason Pelosi should be doing ANYTHING but funding the wall to protect OUR COUNTRY. How dare this woman think she’s just gonna hold everyone hostage with her temper tantrum and abuse of power while she’s off having fun overseas on our tax payer money. This woman is insane and we need more of Trump to stop this madness. Best President ever.

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