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Two arrested in Kalamazoo drug raid; 27 pounds of crystal meth recovered

Photo from Southwest Enforcement Team - Meth recovered 1/9/19

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – A shipment of 27 pounds of crystal methamphetamine was stopped in Kalamazoo and two people have been arrested, according to Southwest Enforcement Team officials.

The team, which is comprised of sheriff’s departments through SW Michigan, Michigan State Police and other local law enforcement officers, say they learned a shipment of methamphetamine was on the way to Kalamazoo from California and Mexico on Tuesday. Officers executed a federal search warrant at a home in the 400 block of Reed Street in Kalamazoo and intercepted the delivery.

A Kalamazoo man in his 50s and a California man were taken into custody. Investigators say that similar search warrants were executed simultaneously in California and another 30 pounds of methamphetamine was recovered in those locations.

Investigators say that a six-month long operation discovered that over 400 pounds of methamphetamine had been trafficked from Mexico and California to Kalamazoo over the last two years.

The names of the suspects will be released after their expected arraignment in federal court later Wednesday.

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  • Unslaved

    If drugs were legal, cartels wouldn’t exist. The entire Mexican drug trade is a direct result of US drug laws. Police want you to think they’re “keeping you safe” when in reality they’re empowering and making rich some of the most evil people you could imagine.

    • Michael

      Mhmm “let’s make meth legal”………RIGHT

      I bet you think we should legalize rape as if it were to be legalized we wouldn’t have an illegal sex trafficking problem.

      • Jordan

        meth can be very beneficial to people with certian chemical imbalances or is also on occasion used by airforce pilots to stay awake for long night missions so the dont fall asleep and end up putting their plane through your home its the way that its made at a street level that make it so dangerous along with the improper ways of consumption of the drug but made properly and dosed properly and if not abused meth can be a beneficial substance to some and very few individuals but unfortunately the streets are flooded with garage meth that is made with other chems that you shouldnt put in your body and an abundance of individuals that have no business doing the drug so due to these reasons meth gets tabooized and misinterpreted however if it was legal and made correctly the abundance of labs infecting your neighborhood would dramatically decrease and maybe with the amount of garage meth shrinking making it harder to find maybe those that have also been “hooked” might be able to ween them self off or might have no option to quit cold turkey so maybe you could also decrease the number of users(doubt it though) anyway I figured I needed to rant about this because meth is not as bad as rape and should not even be compared when its not the drug itself its the way its made at street level and the amount of illegitimate users that help all the street labs open up shop

  • Kirk

    NO WAY. Making illegal drugs legal is the worst thing that we could do. Why don’t we change the age for drinking then, plenty of kids in school drink and if we lowered the legal age to drink, then they could all drink at home. And where does it end? There are speed limits on all of the roads I drive on, but plenty of people speed, lets eliminate the speed limit.

  • Kristie

    I live on this street. Drugs are all over. There is prostitution also, mainly to get there fix. I have a neighbour that has prostitutes over all the time and then you see cars coming to his house at all hours day and night. These people smoke crack and will actually tell you that crack isn’t addictive. There idiots and i hope there house is the next to be raided.

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