Meet Friday’s Friend, Piglet!

We seem to fall in love with every animal that visit from the Humane Society of West Michigan and sure enough, 2 year-old Piglet, won us over instantly. She is a happy, vibrant and energetic Terrier mix. So far, she has been good with other dogs, but keep in mind, each situation is different.

While Piglet entertained us, Megan wanted to pass along some information about January.

National Train Your Dog Month: With it being National Train Your Dog Month HSWM would like to highlight our obedience classes. A well-mannered, socialized dog is a joy to live with. Teaching helps you and your dog communicate, ensuring that he/she becomes a well-behaved family member. Classes address not just basic cues but socializing, house training, chewing, barking, play biting and other behavioral concerns.

HSWM's  teaching method is based on kindness and respect. They use positive reinforcement such as praise, toys, playtime or treats to motivate, reward and correct behaviors.

At Humane Society of West Michigan they offer a wide variety of canine courses for you and your dog's needs. To learn about each of these unique opportunities visit


Walk Your Pet Month (Reminder!) - January is Walk Your Pet Month! Walking isn't just healthy for you but it's also healthy for your pet. Your dog is stimulated by the smells and sounds of the outdoors and it also helps them lose weight and gain muscle!  If you do not regularly walk your dog but want to get into the habit of doing so consult with your veterinary first to see how much your pet can handle. Start out with short and slow walks and slowly increase over time. Train your dog how to walk on a leash and know how your dog reacts to others. Make sure to have water on hand for you and your pet. Last but not least, keep an eye out for the weather for those icy days or for those extra hot days - it may be best just to stay inside and cuddle on the couch instead!

To check out Piglet or any other animal up for adoption, head to HSWM located at 3077 Wilson Dr. NW, Grand Rapids, 49534 or check them out online

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