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Icy roads snarl AM commute, leads to crashes


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - The National Weather Service has re-issued a Winter Weather Advisory until 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Tuesday morning's commuters are seeing freezing drizzle, icy mix and light snow. Slick spots could develop along with a light icy glaze on area roads.

Some light drizzle is possible during the day on Tuesday, then another chance of a light icy mix (again) is possible Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. It's also possible new winter weather advisories may be issued for that time frame. Some light snow showers may mix in Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Watch FOX 17 News throughout Tuesday morning for the latest updates and download the FOX 17 Weather app for live radar maps. Click here for more details.


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  • Bud

    The title of the article is misleading, and has nothing to do with what was written. Not one mention of cars in the ditch, fender benders or long lines of cars backed up on the freeways.
    I suppose next we’ll see an article titled, ‘President Trump is Guilty of Colluding with the Russians,’ with a story that states President Trump has not been able to prove that he did not conspire with Vladimir Putin to fire James Comey, even though Mr. Mueller has no proof that President Trump did.

  • IHTP

    I noticed they changed the headline at least once, maybe twice since last evening. The GR metro area has probably saved millions in salt costs due to the lack of snow this season. Were the roads even salted before the morning commute? I don’t think they were! Hey, Gov Witmer, so much for making the roads safer!!! GR has a history of bad decision making! How about tomorrow morning? Same treacherous road conditions with no salt!

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