Michigan to issue February food aid benefits early


LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan will issue Food Assistance Program benefits for February early as directed by the federal Food and Nutrition Service.

The Michigan Department of Health and Humans Services said Monday it plans to begin issuing February benefits on Saturday. It says clients who don’t receive their benefits then should receive the funds the following week. That means the 1.2 million Michigan residents who receive food assistance will have benefits to feed their families in February even if the partial federal government shutdown continues.

The department cautions that the early food assistance benefits are not additional benefits and there will be no food assistance payments in February. It strongly encourages families to budget the funds they receive in January so they can meet their food needs through the entire month of February.

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  • D L Pate

    Thank you to the Federal Food and Nutrician Service for this act of kindness and concern for Michigan families. It’s comforting to know someone is watching out and thinking wisely.
    I pray this situation is corrected very soon.

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