Battle Creek man arrested for assault after police find him hiding inside a cabinet

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. -- One man is in custody after police said they surrounded a house  where neighbors heard shots fired.

"Earlier today at about 9:30 this morning we responded to the 200 block of Goguac Street for a call of someone who observed two people arguing in the backyard of a residence," said Lt. Jim Martens with the Battle Creek Police Department. "They heard a shot go off and then the people go back inside the residence."

Several cruisers surrounded the home, located near the intersection of Goguac and Meachem Avenue, Lt. Martens said. Police tried to make contact with the people inside the house. However when no one responded, police used their P-A system.

"We’re able to call people out," Lt. Martens said about the seven adults and three children who walked out of the house. "But while we were clearing the residence we located one more person who ended up being our suspect."

Lt. Martens said they found the suspect hiding in a cabinet in the dining room area. He was at least 5'7" and 140 pounds.

"He tucked himself inside there," Lt. Martens said. "It was a cabinet that backed up against  a mattress I believe. So unless you pulled the cabinet out from the mattress you wouldn’t see him."

When police learned that an assault took place, they arrested the man, Lt. Martens said. They were not able to locate a weapon but did find shell casings where the assault happened in the house.

"Everyone’s OK," Lt. Martens said. "From what we’ve gathered [from] our investigation, shots were fired but they were not fired at a person. Nobody was injured."

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