Godfrey-Lee Schools discusses possible mascot change from ‘Rebels’

WYOMING, Mich. -- Godfrey-Lee Public Schools is discussing possibly changing its mascot. For years, they've been known as The Rebels, but recently the potential connections the mascot has to the Confederacy have brought up talks about coming up with a new name.

On Thursday, a community forum was held at the high school to discuss the matter. It wasn't open to the media, school officials told FOX 17, because they wanted those in attendance to be able to freely express their opinions without public scrutiny.

The Rebels logo, a soldier, can be seen throughout the district and all over athletic facilities.

The school board president explains that the district's new strategic plan prompted officials to look into the possibility of changing the mascot.

"We are the Lee Rebels” said board president Eric Mockerman. "The topic has come up a few times with the connection to the Confederacy, When this question came up again, we said, 'Okay maybe it’s time to have a conversation about it, and does it still fit with our strategic design and the pillars of what we stand for?'”

No decisions were made regarding the mascot after Thursday's meeting.

Mockerman says a proposal could be seen at the next board meeting in February.

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    • C

      Maybe if someone would remind or inform those short-sighted half wits favoring the change that Martin Luther King was a rebel. Non-violent, but still a rebel. No, SOSAD, the stupidity isn’t beginning. It’s continuing.

  • Kathleen MacPherson

    Why not just change the history books and delete any reference to the Confederacy and that they were rebels? Didn’t America start because of rebels – rebellion against the British. Our high school’s mascot in Toledo was a Rebel — I graduated in 1967. They also got their knickers in a twist and changed it. How sad.

  • Hillary

    This is perfect, and a really great learning experience for the students.
    This is the chance that the administration gets to teach kids how to cave, and be gutless cowards. EXACTLY the opposite of a rebel.

  • J.B.

    Godfrey-Lee Public School “Snowflakes”
    That’s my vote for the new name, even though that will probably be to racist for some..snow being “white” and all.

    • On It

      How about the Bed Bugs, that should strike fear into the hearts of opponents, oh wait, talking about beds is probably too provacative. Being PC is name of the game with leftists, gives them the power to dictate just about anything. What will be next that we will be willing to ‘change’ for? Sickening.

  • On It

    Good thing James Dean didn’t stick around, that rebel without a cause would have to be banished for his misguided identity. He was probably a white supremacist I’m thinking now. Thanks lefties for enlightening us all. Liberalism=Insanity.

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