Shutdown forcing schools to stop serving fresh produce

HENDERSON, N.C. — The partial government shutdown is affecting more than just federal employee wages and the filing of tax returns.

Starting on the week of January 21st, lunch menus at Vance County Schools in North Carolina are moving to a “minimum level,” and will be limited to a main dish, bread, two vegetables, one fruit, and milk.

In a Facebook post, school officials say that with the exception of some elementary schools, the district is no longer serving fresh produce. They also have stopped serving bottled drinks, including water and juice, and ice cream, after all of the current supply is used up.

The school says their nutrition program is self-supporting and relies on federal funds to provide the meals.

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  • RG

    What is wrong with serving a main dish, bread, two vegetables, one fruit, and milk. Sounds like a good lunch. Maybe they should maintain that menu after the shutdown in over. Save some taxpayer money.

    • Jimmy Shetters

      U know it’s people like this that will have nothing at the end u be lonely people that has money as in Rich it’s like this when u leave this world u can’t take your money with u are nothing so just think of this what if it was your kid and sometime school is only Time that’ some kid’s get too eat but yes I think if the government got all that money they should serve better lunches then what they do kids eat just like jail people hasn’t to it’s wrong so it’s not kid faught cause parents are lazy so grow a 💓 for its too late god said help one another and you shall receive a blessing so tonight when you lay down just ask your self what if

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