Trump calls compromise proposal “Down payment on border security”

WASHINGTON DC — President Trump has outlined a compromise proposal to begin solving the border crisis. In a televised address late Saturday afternoon, the President promised to fix the border crisis “one way or the other”.

Calling the current situation an “on-going tragedy”, the President reasserted his aspirations for tighter security along the southern border of the United States. The proposal focuses on humanitarian efforts aimed at alleviating the thousands of back-logged immigration cases, as well as decreasing criminal activity at the border itself.

“Unfortunately, our immigration system has been broken for a very long time…we’re now living with the consequences, and they are tragic…there is a humanitarian crisis on our southern border that demands humanitarian action,” said the President.

Trump proposed allocation of $800 million for humanitarian assistance, $805 million for drug-detection equipment, border agents, and immigration judges, and $5.7 billion for physical barriers along the border.

The proposed barriers proposed will be steel, and placed in “high priority locations”.

The President went on to promise a 3-year extension for DACA recipients, including extension of temporary statuses. Trump also advised that entry into the country would be improved in order to avoid affecting agriculture.

President Trump called for an end to “rank & file” partisanship in order to re-open the government and protect the US/Mexico border.

West Michigan Second District Congressman Bill Huizenga issued a statement Saturday night in response to Trump’s address. It reads, in part:

“I appreciate the President bringing forward a proposal to secure our border and end the partial government shutdown. While I am still reviewing the proposal it clearly addresses important elements of border security including improved drug detection technology, more border patrol agents, and increased physical barriers…It is imperative Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrat majority come to the negotiating table, consider the President’s proposal, and actually have a conversation.”


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  • Shabadoo Simmons

    The only humanitarian crisis at our Southern border is a product of this administration involving legal asylum seekers. Not illegal immigrants and certainly not illegal border crossings- both of which are at historic lows.

  • lml25

    FBI just arrested some black drug dealers,last week,in Battle Creek–who got the drugs from Mexico via California.In fact there were hundreds of bags of crystal meth–all from Mexico–delivered by OLD PEOPLE–from California to B.C.Build the wall just to cut down the drugs.If it dents any of the supply,it’ll be worth it.

  • BOB

    Polosi has backed herself into a corner with “walls are immoral.” She will not compromise. She will keep the govenment shutdown until other Democrats throw her out as speaker or the 2020 election.

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