Frigid temperatures with a frostbite risk on Sunday  

WEST MICHIGAN – West Michigan will see a dry mostly sunny sky for mostly everyone on Sunday. Any cloud cover will live primarily along the lakeshore with the chance for some lakeshore communities to pick up some light snow flurries from a snow band. Winds staying mainly out of the north will keep most of this snow band out over the lake and just trying to hug the lakeshore. Temperatures are the main story now with well below average actual temperatures and wind chills making things feel like negative 20 degrees at times. Frostbite can happen in about 30 minutes are less if you are not covered and protected when outside. Bundle up and make sure to check on the elderly and all animals.

If you think it’s cold Sunday morning just wait for Monday morning. Overnight temperatures will fall back under a clear sky into the negatives. Once the wind chill is factored in temperatures will feel like negative 20 in most areas to start off your Monday morning. These are dangerously cold temperatures that need to be taken seriously. Stay warm and be safe!

We have a special treat in the sky Sunday night as we will have a total lunar eclipse! It is known as the “super blood wolf moon” being January’s full moon having a red coloring to it shortly before midnight. We won’t see another lunar eclipse until 2012 so get outside and check it out!

The full forecast keeps temperatures mainly below average with a mix of ice and snow Tuesday heading into Wednesday. We will than see temperatures drop even more as we head back to complete snow chances by the end of this week and next weekend. Be safe and stay prepared!

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