Furnace repair work goes up as temperature goes down

ZEELAND, Mich. — As frigid weather makes it's presence known in West Michigan, it also means it's a busy time for heating companies.

As the mercury drops, people use their heaters more and that extra use can put stress on a furnace, leaving them reaching for the phone for a fix. West Michigan Heating and AC Services says their phones have been ringing constantly with calls for furnace repairs.

“There are several sensors throughout the furnace. You know, if things get too hot it’s going to shut down. If there’s not enough air flow, it’s going to shut down,” said Shaun Howell, a technician for West Michigan Heating and AC Services.

Sometimes, it's a quick fix and new furnaces will show error codes that help technicians diagnose the problem

“Right now I’m just checking his flash codes to see if any are set off at the present moment,” Howell said.

If your heat isn't flowing properly, check the outside vent and make sure nothing is blocking it. You should also replace your furnace filter every three months.

The average furnace will last about 15 to 20 years, and it's a good idea to have an emergency space heater just in case your furnace breaks on a very cold night.

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