Clearing snow helpful for mail delivery

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Their iconic slogan says neither rain nor snow will stop their deliveries and that includes the winter storm hitting West Michigan.

The United States Postal Service prides itself on delivering the mail on time. But postal workers in West Michigan are asking for your help to keep deliveries on schedule.

There's been a lot of snow and ice, and that can create hazards for carriers. The postal service is asking customers to clear the snow and ice from around mailboxes and near doors to help workers stay safe and help deliveries arrive on time.

“We appreciate our customers that the approaches or pathways to the mailbox are kept clear to be able to deliver the mail,” Sabrina Todd, communications specialist for Greater Michigan District Postal Service.

Snow can quickly pile up on secondary roads, and drivers need to be able to reach mailboxes on the street. Shoveling snow in front of your mailbox will help.

“Because they’re driving to it and have to exit, so if you keep that approach clean it helps those on the mounted routes," said Todd.

Delivery can also slow when streets and sidewalks present hazardous conditions for when they have to walk to your door.

“Slips and falls at this time can be very high if proper steps are not taken. I’ve had people call today and say I didn’t get my mail and I ask them what does your sidewalk look like? And they’ll say, 'I didn’t get a chance to get it.' And I’ll say, 'well the carrier may have looked at it and said I’m not sure,'” says Todd.

Getting the mail delivered is a top priority for the USPS, but so is the safety of their employees. A little shoveling can go a long way in helping workers deliver your mail on time.

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