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Trump tweets on ‘global warming’ during severe winter storm

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Wisconsin congressman is calling President Donald Trump “a moron” over a tweet that urged global warming to “come back fast” in the face of dangerous cold hitting the Midwest.

Hundreds of schools in the region cancelled classes through Wednesday, and the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan declared states of emergency amid wind chills as low as negative 60 degrees (negative 51 Celsius).

Trump has frequently cast doubt on climate change, especially when cold weather hits. His tweet late Monday wondering “What the hell is going on with Global Warming” drew a quick response from Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan.

The Democrat responded by saying: “Only a moron would not understand global warming causes huge temperature swings.”

Northern Illinois University climate scientist Victor Gensini said the cold snap is “simply an extreme weather event” and doesn’t represent the global trend toward a warming Earth. He noted the record heat currently in Australia.

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  • Joan Van Vliet

    Only a moron like this Democrat Pocan would take a simple remark made in jest and try to turn it into a platform to create an illusion of his own importance. Get a clue Mark!

    • C

      Joan, don’t forget the Washington Post’s fact check on the ‘mile high’ stack of burgers claim by Trump at the lunch for the Clemson football team. They actually wasted everybody’s time to publish an anti-Trump veracity check of what was obvious hyperbole. Pathetic.

  • L

    WOW! Do people ever have a sense of humor these days? My thinking is that the President was trying to be funny amidst the cold weather. STOP being butt hurt over every single statement people! OVER ALL THE CRY BABIES……

  • abadabado simmons

    Humans have no control over the earths temperature. Didn’t cause so called global warming and can’t do anything the change it.

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