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Ex-legislative leaders: Hike fuel taxes 47 cents for roads

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A bipartisan group of former legislative leaders says Michigan’s gasoline tax should be increased by 47 cents a gallon over nine years to fix deteriorating roads.

The proposal unveiled Thursday calls for boosting the 26-cents-a-gallon tax by 7 cents in 2020, followed by annual 5-cent hikes through 2028.

Republican Ken Sikkema and Democrat Bob Emerson — former Senate leaders — say there is no question more must be spent on roads, and raising fuel taxes is the simplest way to do it. Tax hikes would face resistance in the Republican-controlled Legislature. Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who made fixing the roads a campaign issue, is expected to unveil a road-funding plan in March.

Michigan’s gas tax went up 7 cents a gallon in 2017, but critics say that plan is inadequate.

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  • simple

    Ex-legislative leaders are “EX” for A reason. Gas taxes make everything we buy go up! When gas prices are low, food prices drop because its cheaper to transport.

    • BP

      What we forget is our current governor was part of granholms administration. Already taxed us to fix the roads. Where did that money go?? Oh wait. Welfare.. and the nerd didn’t do any better.. revolution is coming. They don’t have to live like us. Follow the same rules as us..

  • Sara

    I say POT for POTholes, look at the revenue coming into colorado, leave are gas prices and registration fees alone youve already hiked them enough and I dont see the roads getting better. Lets start a vote shall we raise gas prices AGAIN or should we vote Yes to pot in our communities to help fix are roads, i say yes to Pot for potholes ;-) aka marijuana

  • Homer

    Every single dem voter that got Whitmer elected asked for this! As a matter of fact, the liberal voter would gladly pay $4.00 more per gallon! Don’t forget that she voted to tax gas on the wholesale level which is probably still on the table. And don’t forget her “Backup Plan”, BONDING! Jay Rising, a former state treasurer who served under former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, helped Whitmer draft the plan. He said in one key way bonding makes a lot of sense.  Don’t act surprised people, she stated many times while campaigning that she would raise taxes to “Fix The Damn Roads!”. She also wants to replace all lead water pipes, so, let’s raise the water rates too! How quickly you forget…….


    You ain’t seen nothing yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg peeps! It’s what Dems do! As I stated when the registration fees went sky high “Between the outrageous insurance and registration fees in Michigan, I can no longer afford to drive in this state!” And now hike the gas tax! As for me? Time to leave.

  • steve

    Everybody with an IQ above that of a three week old beagle knew this was going to happen. The question wasn’t if, but when, and I’m honestly surprised it took this long. But, hang on folks. This is just the beginning.

  • lml25

    Agree with the rest.Dems solution to everything.They figure Trump lowered the Fed taxes–they can get some of that dough for their projects.Recall Whitmer.

  • Clyde Brown

    Michigan’s gas tax went up 7 cents a gallon in 2017, but critics say that plan is inadequate. Well then let the critics pay for the fixes. Sounds like anyone that has a problem is not short on critics as they are on solving the problem.

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