Michigan opens forests to people who burn wood to heat homes

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The state of Michigan says people who heat their homes with wood can collect it in publicly managed forests through the weekend.

The state typically requires $20 for a 90-day permit that’s good between April and the end of December. But no permit is required through Sunday as Michigan residents cope with extremely cold weather.

The rules for collecting wood can be found at www.Michigan.gov/fuelwood . The collection of wood is limited to within 200 feet of a state forest road. Live trees must be left alone, and no wood can be collected in state parks.

Ed Golder of the Department of Natural Resources says wood for fuel is most plentiful in the Upper Peninsula and the northern Lower Peninsula.

The Census Bureau says 3 percent of Michigan households burn wood for heat, compared to 76 percent with natural gas.

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  • Davis

    Wait until the cold is forecasted to be gone. Just like spending our money until it’s gone and then say, ohh we need more government planning at it’s finest.
    “Pure Morons”

  • Mike

    Because we love scavenging for wood in the deep snow when its below zero! If you want to help people, do this in the fall time when people can actually get out in the woods and get wood without freezing to death!

  • M

    Thanks MDNR, glad you are so generous. Most smart people see through this bullshit press release. I shouldn’t have to pay in the first place to collect wood off public lands.

  • Katrina Gauld

    This works as long as people know what is public and what is private that is an issue but otherwise this should happen once a year for about a month. They should do this in October while people can get in and get out easily. If they did it for a certain amount of time people would get their wood up before winter because it is free and then in spring it would help underbrush and floor growth.. But hey what do I know LOL

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