Michigan schools out of snow days


ROCKFORD, Mich — This week’s polar vortex forced thousands of schools across the state to shutdown, causing many districts to exhaust their snow days.

When snow days are used up, extending the school year can conflict with family schedules, teens starting summer jobs, and students face the threat of high heat.

Therefore, local districts are looking at two options to limit the number of make up days in June. Schools can apply for a waiver with the state superintendent of education, allowing up to three extra snow days.

“This may not be enough” says  Dr. Michael Shibler, recalling 2013, a snow-packed winter with lots of snow days. The state legislature felt compelled to pass a bill allowing even more snow days, he believes that set a precedent.

He’s hoping the Governor will do the same, considering she’s declared a State of Emergency. The interim superintendent of education stated that declaration did cover the mandatory closure of schools.

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    • Jon Bisnett

      Law changed in 2016-17
      The State of Michigan requires school districts to offer at least 1,098 hours of instruction each school year. In addition, districts must also provide a minimum of 180 days of instruction.

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