Gov. Whitmer wants energy supply report after cold snap

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is asking the Michigan Public Service Commission to study the adequacy of the state’s energy supply and its ability to deliver natural gas, electricity and propane.

The governor’s request Monday to the Michigan Public Service Commission followed a bitterly cold week, with temperatures dipping well below zero.

Consumers Energy asked customers to temporarily lower thermostats to 65 degrees after a compressor station fire north of Detroit raised concerns about keeping gas flowing. DTE Energy requested voluntary reductions in electricity use.

Whitmer asked the public service commission for a report by July 1. The governor said it should include information about plans for distributing energy during emergencies; areas or systems most at risk; and how to prepare for extreme weather that seems increasingly likely as the climate changes.

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  • Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

    She can thank BHO for using the EPA to close our coal power plants. Using NG to produce electricity put a strain on the NG supply.

  • Call It Like I See It

    Instead of wasting money on a study of an already efficient process driven by private enterprise, why doesn’t she take a good hard look at the government deliverability of clean water to its citizens which probably is more life threatening than the couple days of cold weather MI experienced.

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