Nine children taken to hospital after eating marijuana gummy bears at Ohio school

CLEVELAND – Emergency crews responded to a school on Cleveland's east side Monday afternoon after at least 14 students were given marijuana gummy bears, the Cleveland Division of Police said.

Paramedics took nine children from Anton Grdina School to Rainbow Babies And Children's Hospital after they complained of illness, according to police. They ranged in age from 5 to 9 and are listed in stable condition.

The parents of the five other students declined to send their kids to the hospital.

A Cleveland Metropolitan School District spokeswoman said three students were handing out the candy at lunch when some of the aides noticed the odd wrapper. The children said they got the gummy bears from home.

CMSD said in a statement:

"Although we have not yet received a report on the suspicious candy, the principal used the opportunity to remind parents and caregivers of the importance of keeping medicines and other items that may be harmful to children locked up to ensure the safety of all students."

Anton Grdina teaches students from pre-K to eighth grade.

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1 Comment

  • Rat Wrangler

    So the headline states that nine children ate marijuana-laced gummy bears, and the article finishes with “Although we have not yet received a report on the suspicious candy…”. So they made some assumptions regarding the headline before the lab reports were in? This does not sound like responsible reporting. This article doesn’t state it, but another said some of the kids complained of a stomach ache. As any old hippy can tell them, eating marijuana doesn’t usually cause a stomach ache. Of course, they were putting it in brownies, and not gummies. If it turns out that the candy was just candy, who is going to pay for the police, first responders, and the trips to the hospital? The taxpayers? Or the school’s insurance?

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