Gov. Whitmer Declares State of Emergency for City of Grand Rapids

LANSING, Mich. — The Governor has declared a state of emergency for the City of Grand Rapids. The city requested assistance due to widespread outages, dangerous driving conditions, and many potential areas for flooding.

“Our first responders and volunteer services continue to work diligently to protect public health and safety, while utility workers continue efforts to restore power to the residents of Grand Rapids and I thank all of them for their work,” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said in a press release. “This declaration will ensure state assistance is available to help the community with recovery efforts.”

The declaration makes all state resources available for the city for response and recovery efforts and follows the city’s own declaration of a local state of emergency. Local officials have recognized that their resources were insufficient to handle the situation, and the help will lessen the burden on local authorities, while helping protect the health and safety of residents.

On Sunday afternoon, Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss and City Manager Mark Washington spoke with FOX 17 about Whitmer’s declaration. Their remarks can be seen on FOX 17 News at 10 and 11 Sunday night.

The entire executive order from Governor Whitmer can be found here.


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    • lml25

      Yes and Heartwell before her.Many areas of the city need to be torn down–much of the west side,of course the Division Hall area and miles either side,Grandville,up through those same streets intersecting.The mayors have pushed for low income housing.They got what they wanted and also welfare recipients to live in them,plus the peripheral criminal types that hook up with welfare types.We need better housing,better people–not what the mayors push for.

  • Ryan Krygier

    I have already seen the response to the govener declaring a State of Emergency on Grand Rapids, by the mayor of Grand Rapids. I think the mayors response is terrible. In part, saying the that the city does not have resourses to help with / fix this problem. Grand Rapids does use the the resourses they do have properly in the first place. Example: When the temp was -10 over a week ago the salt “was not” melting the snow and ice on the roads, because it was “to cold” for the salt to work. The city was saying that they were do the “best that they could” in this matter, that is “not true”. When weather conditions (road conditions) are to cold for “salt”, “sand” (should be) needs to be used. The city has this “sand” to use and were (are) not using it, they have no excuse (should not) have any reason to no clear the roads. The city of Grand Rapids doea not also enforce the laws that they wrote in the first place. A example of that is: Snow removel from sidewalks. The law for this is never enforced, namelly on the south side of Lake Michigan Drive (in Grand Rapids) beteen covel (going west) to Collendale. Many of these places in this mentioned area, do not clear snow “all winter”. The city trys to scare them and anyone, saying if not done it will be forced plowed, and they will be billed / fined. They snow is never shoveled, and the force plowing is never done, and fines are never given.

  • Ryan Krygier

    Govener Whitmer needs to come to Grand Rapids, Michigan and see the terrible job that our mayor and city leaders are doing with running the city and also enforcing laws. Govener Whitmer “is not doing anyhting wrong in how she is running that state”, that is not my point here at all. She just needs to no that things that she is offering / giving to Grand Rapids, Michigan are “not” being used properly.

  • Richard Kangas

    Call out the Michigan Army National Guard. That is what they are for, not just fighting foreign wars. We have engineers in the state with heavy equipment and they are local

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