GRPS: Asbestos may have been disturbed during construction

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids Public Schools say construction workers at North Park Montessori in Grand Rapids may have been cutting into plaster containing asbestos.

Grand Rapids Public Schools sent a notice to parents and staff at the district Friday night, saying crews have been working on the air conditioning system for the past six weeks. The district has also canceled Monday and Tuesday classes for safety.

Friday afternoon, the district was told crews had been drilling and cutting plaster that may have asbestos.

Air samples were sent overnight to a lab in Indianapolis. The letter says the district expects the results early next week.

A meeting will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at GRPS University, located at 1400 Fuller Ave. NE. Representatives from the district, school, construction crews and local health officials will be there to answer questions.

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  • steve

    Asbestos. One of the most overblown ‘dangers’ to ever have been foisted on the public, and asbestos abatement has cost the taxpayers a lot of money since the late 80s.

  • Heidi Meek

    LIES. They have been cutting into the asbestos walls since NOVEMBER 2018. I am a parent of 2 boys in 2nd and 7th grade at this school. Also the air testing they did was only ONE sample sent to a lab that was taken from the gym. They chose the gym to make sure they didn’t get a reading. Furthermore asbestos would only be in the air for 48-72 hours so really they should be sampling out of the cleaning equipment and in the carpets and floors. Also there is heavy amounts of dust daily that the kids clean up themselves. What else is in that dust from construction? Our son has been having respiratory irritation since right around the time they began all this work. Coincidence I think not.

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