Library holding party showcasing vinyl collection

Browsing vinyl LPs in record store

PLAINFIELD CHARTER TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A library in West Michigan is hosting a party in honor of their new vinyl collection.

Kent District Library is holding “Needle Drop” from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. at their Plainfield Charter Township branch.

Organizers say they’ll even have headphones for everyone so you can read in peace while your kids listen to music spun by DJ SuperDre.

There will also be cake and crafts for everyone to enjoy at no cost.

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page.

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1 Comment

  • Matt McCartney

    Really cute. I remember 30 years ago, when KDL was literally shoveling their vinyl into roll off dumpsters at ALL of their locations. So quick to jump to CD’s. Which we knew was a meatball technology. Now those of us who insisted on retaining our personal collection (which we took a lot of crap for in the 90s, when the CD “revolution” was in full swing) can have the last laugh.

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