Michigan joins lawsuit challenging border wall declaration

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Attorney General Dana Nessel says Michigan has joined a lawsuit filed against President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration to fund a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed the lawsuit Monday and says 16 states allege the Trump administration’s action violates the Constitution

Also joining the lawsuit are the attorneys general of Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Virginia.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says in a statement that Trump’s “fake emergency is a publicity stunt that will raid our federal funding and cost us millions.”

Trump declared a national emergency to fulfill his promise of completing the wall.

The move allows the president to bypass Congress to use money from the Pentagon and other budgets.

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  • steve

    And among those in the lawsuit is our own AG Dana Nessel who said ‘we cannot stand by while Trump undermines our efforts to keep our residents safe’. Talk about a half-wit comment. She needs to get first hand information from the people on the border who are trying to do just that, and not some self absorbed egomaniacs in Washington or Sacramento.

    • Khrysteena Windover

      I’m honestly with the governor on this matter. Its ridiculous… Congress gave him 1.37 billion to build his wall but it wasn’t enough for him. So that’s not a emergency. Hurricanes are emergencies, tornadoes, Flint’s water issue. Those are emergencies. Not trump throwing a temper tantrum. He wants all this money but can only give what 1.37billion is for not the rest. So until he can give a justifiable reason why he needs the cash he dont it.

  • John

    They should let the people of Michigan vote on this matter, not just throw our state into the law suit without a vote. Total disregard for our sovereignty.

    • Michael

      You already got a vote. It took place November 6, 2018. That’s what happens when democrats get elected- they oppose the republican president.

  • Nate Gurski

    We in Michigan at least those who have a brain or commonsense suport trump and boarder security. Build that wall and build it high. Any democratic candidate who opposes the president pack up and move to some other shithole country. We do not want or need you here. In Michigan or this great nation the United states of America.

  • Homer

    Under the National Emergencies Act of 1976, Congress granted the President vast powers in the event of a national emergency. Congress has the sole authority to appropriate funds when it passes budgets, but Congress itself waived all of its rights in the event of a presidential declaration, which in this case has dozens of precedents. Since the Congress in 2019 refused to negotiate in good faith, they left the President no choice. In all honesty, would any rational person or group knowingly encourage the invasion of their homeland? The only “fake” I see is a politician’s concern for the people that they represent.

  • C

    The administration of justice and the law is apolitical, right? It sure seems odd then that the Attorney General from every one of the states joining the moron from California in this suit are all Democrats. Imagine that.

  • Ken

    With these actions by the clueless Left, it only builds the fury and anger by us on the right to get out in force when the 2020 elections take place. The feeling and actions on that great day our Greatest President elected was magical. Thanks for reminding us why we elected President Trump’l! We will do it again and continue our nation’s rebuild!!! 2020 it’s on!!!

  • Jeff F.

    No Michigan residence have not joined the lawsuit against Trumps action of declaring a state of emergency to get funds to build our wall. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel did. One Democratic person not our state.

  • We the people

    Don’t include me in on the lawsuit, it should say the new governor and her minions have sued. United we don’t stand on the lawsuit. These lawsuits will go nowhere as it is considered a security issue. Hail Trump!

  • Scott

    Definitely let the people from Michigan take this to a vote .I think more people are realizing the Democratic Party Is not a party for Michigan anymore Michigan used to be a strong union state but when you keep letting illegal immigrants work for scab companies closing union shops and bringing wages down the only factories that are still doing well and are open are foreign owned .

  • Bud

    Dana Nessel said, “We cannot in good conscience stand by while our president seeks to undermine our own efforts to keep our residents safe and our military strong.” Meanwhile, democrats are building “Welcome Centers” along the southern border while telling the American people they want strong border security. Democrats are insidious traitors.

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