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2019 Climate Action Summit in GR Thursday

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Climate activists and leaders from nearly 40 businesses will join Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss at the 2019 Michigan Climate Action Summit Thursday.

It's meant to help Michigan become a leader in addressing climate change and comes months after Governor Whitmer was elected with a promise to address climate change.

"I think it's important, it's always been important but more now because the federal government has stepped back and they`re not leading in this space anymore, " said Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss.

"In fact mayors across this country have stepped up said, we know that we need to lead, that cities need to lead when it comes to addressing climate change and we`re gonna do that," she said

The summit is set for 9 a.m. at the Eberhard Center, 301 Fulton Street, on Grand Valley State University's Grand Rapids campus and is meant to set a bold new climate agenda for Michigan.

Tickets are sold out with more than 300 attendees expected.

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  • Pips

    Looks like GR wants to follow in the steps of every other progressive hell hole. Enjoy trying to avoid human waste on your walk to work!

  • steve

    The vanity of these liberal climate alarmists is both pathetic and laughable. Until they can eliminate tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards, they need to shut up.

  • Tina

    Its all about money ,taxing us for god given natural resources, rain run off tax, they say we are running out of water but then say because of snow fall lakes are rising, this is all an agenda . The city has accepted money and in exchange must push this bs

  • Tina Ortego

    God made this planet for us, to go forth and multiply. Why do these people think they can play God ? They have been spraying the sky since the 70s then want to blame us for pollution. Big biz can pollute all they want b7t 2e have to drink and pay for floride and sh*t water. Why are s9 many more sick

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