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Consumers preparing for more outages ahead of strong winds

WEST MICHIGAN -- Consumers Energy is bracing for another round of power outages as West Michigan prepares for strong winds this weekend.

With 50 mile per hour winds in the forecast Sunday, Consumers Energy says people should be prepared for outages as they are expecting downed power lines.

“Fifty miles per hour winds could certainly cause damage on our system," said Roger Morgenstern, Senior Public Information Director with Consumers Energy. 

The warning comes just weeks after more than 200,000 customers went without power after an ice storm.

"It all depends on how long the winds last," Morgenstern said. "Consumers Energy is monitoring the weather and we will be ready to hit back as soon as we get hit by mother nature.”

He also provided some tips for residents on getting prepared.

“It is just a good reminder that our customers should always be prepared. This time of the year we can have a lot of weather fluctuations. They should make sure they have a supply of non-perishable food, drinkable water, make sure the charge up all their electronic devices in case there is an extended power outage," Morgenstern said.

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  • Julie

    Maybe Consumers should put more regular effort into cutting trees, branches, and grapevines that are too close or growing into their equipment instead of waiting for everything to fall and it being an emergency to get foliage cut and the lines fixed. Fox17, please investigate why they don’t do this maintainance, what their budget for this maintainance is, and what the state utility commission should/will be doing about it for the sake of the customers.

    • On It

      I live in a rural treed area. They are out here doing maintenance regularly. A guy from Consumers just stopped a couple of weeks ago advising that they would be here in the spring to spray weeds & bushes under our power line. Your criticism is unwarranted in this case.

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