Mom who ran over son at Kent Co. school takes plea deal

A mug shot of Tiffany Kosakowski.

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A mom who drove over her 9-year-old son at a Kent County school accepted a plea agreement Tuesday.

Tiffany Kosakowski pleaded guilty to a felony count of reckless driving and had a charge of second-degree child abuse dropped.

The incident happened Dec. 11 at Chandler Woods Charter Academy, located at 6895 Samrick Ave. in Plainfield Township.

Authorities said surveillance video showed Kosakowski’s son hanging from a passenger side door handle as she drove away. He lost his grip and was run over by a rear wheel of the vehicle, causing him to sustain serious injuries.

Kent County prosecutors say they aren’t recommending a sentence for Kosakoski, meaning it will be at the discretion of the court.

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  • Lynn H

    This Mom was absolutely devastated by this accident. And the great news is that the young boy is making a miraculous recovery thanks to Mary Free Bed, and lots and LOTS of prayers. Would’ve been good to include that information, so the mother isn’t demonized and crucified on social media.

    • Jen

      my best friend was her daughter’s big sister in the big brother’s big sister’s program. This mother took advantage of her repeatedly, tried to get free baby-sitting and wouldn’t help with a thing. My friend paid for several christmas’s, paid for both of their clothes and tons of toys, outings to Michigan’s Adventure without asking for a nickel in return. After waiting around for the umpteenth time for HER schedule, the mother hauled off on her telling her she wasn’t giving her children stability. This is the same woman who had to have her church buy her a place because her credit was so bad that no one would rent to her/?? All the while getting generous child support. No sympathy to anyone but my friend.

    • Jen

      and no, he may be making progress, but that poor little boy will never be the same again. Thanks to his mother who dragged him 87 yards in front of poor children who had to witness the whole thing. All because he came running out because she didn’t even have lunch money for him. Why don’t you ask the big sister how much money she had given her the time she had been in the Big Sisters program?

    • Matt McCartney

      Dear God………It must be thoroughly exhausting to live your life actively searching for racism behind every tree. Imagine all you could do if you weren’t governed by your emotions?

  • Lynne

    My heart goes out to a little boy whose life has been changed forever. Listening to the Judge who watched the video of the incident I have a hard time feeling anything but utter disbelief and anger towards a parent who would do this to a defenseless child. What has our world come to when anyone would defend such actions perpetrated towards another human being?

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