Cascade firefighters save deer from icy river

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Firefighters in Cascade Township  used some of their water rescue training to save a deer Thursday morning.

The department posted on their Facebook page that they were called to the Thornapple River to rescue a doe that had fallen through the ice near the Camelback Bridge. A fawn was seen watching from the riverbank.

After about 30 minutes using a Nebulus ice rescue system with ropes and pulleys, they were able to get the deer out of the water and to safety.

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  • Matt McCartney

    What a stupendous waste of man-hours and effort. Not to mention unfathomably stupid. Suppose a call came in for a human needing assistance for the same problem? “Oh, uh, well we’re otherwise engaged with a wild animal at the moment………hang on”

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