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Police: Indiana man without gun license accidentally shoots himself in genitals

MARION, Ind. – An Indiana  man accidentally shot himself in his genitalia, according to the Marion Police Department.

Deputy Chief Stephen Dorsey said officers came in contact with the 46-year-old man in the emergency room of Marion General Hospital shortly before 7 a.m. Thursday, according to WXIN.

There, the man told officers he was on a walkway near a Girl Scout cabin when the Hi Point 9mm handgun on his waist began to slip. The man said he reached down to adjust the gun, accidentally causing it to discharge.

Police said the bullet entered just above the man’s penis and exited his scrotum.

According to police, the man doesn’t have an Indiana handgun license and the case will be sent to the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

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  • C

    If the guy had shot himself in the foot would the story ever make the news? Finding humor in someone else’s misery is sick.

    • Michael

      Finding humor that this guy was illegally carrying a handgun in his wastband while not using a proper holster is a GREAT story of karma. I love it when the bad guy hurts himself instead of an innocent bystander. Even if it would have just been his foot.

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