Dog bites off 4-year-old’s hand

LAYTON, Utah - A dog bit a four-year-old Utah boy Sunday afternoon, seriously injuring him and severing his hand.

Layton Fire Battalion Chief Jason Cook said the incident took place around 3:45 p.m.

The boy was in his backyard, and had a sock on his hand while attempting to play with two Husky breed dogs through a fence. One of the dogs bit the boy with tremendous force.

The boy was recovering Sunday night after having surgery at Primary Children's Hospital.

"He lost his hand from about this point down," Cook told KSTU while pointing above his own wrist.

After hours of searching, there was no sign of the boy's severed limb.

"There is fear that it was probably ingested by the dog that bit him," Cook said. "So at this point it does not appear that reattachment is going to be an option for us."

Neighbor Stacy Taft watched in horror as the tragedy played out.

"We've talked to the kids about still being cautious around other animals," Taft said. " Not all animals are always nice or they may feel threatened at some kind of action they might do."

Davis Animal Control officers took both dogs and placed them into quarantine while the investigation continues.

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  • Fish

    Why i never let my kids play with others animals. Cats are even worse tempered. Not to mention it was a husky, one of the dumbest dog breeds ever. (Yes they run fast, but thats about it) Most likely kept in doors and backyard, never allowed to run and pull as it was designed for. Now it will be put down, at fault of the owner.

    • Justin Iger (@ThUgLyFe690)

      I agree it was probably locked in a backyard the size of a maxi-pad. Its a shame that bad things happen and the root cause will continue long after this kid has healed, and these dogs are dead.Absolutely on the not letting kids play with others animals, however your comment about the cat is a ignorant one. Add to your note about how Huskies are some of the dumbest (all about the owner here) just propels your comment with full force into the toilet.

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