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Michigan business leaders back tax hike to fix roads

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The leaders of Michigan’s top companies are calling for a tax increase to improve the condition of the roads.

Business Leaders for Michigan, a group of CEOs and university presidents, released a report Monday emphasizing the need for a big influx of road funding a day before Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposes her first budget.

The business group stopped short of backing a specific plan other than to say it is open to increased user fees. BLM President and CEO Doug Rothwell says it could be a gas tax hike.

He says the roads are an “embarrassment” and they will only get worse and become more expensive to fix unless lawmakers act. Whitmer is expected to propose a multibillion-dollar boost in road funding to the Republican-led Legislature.

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    • C

      Manufacturers can offset the increase by increasing the costs to the wholesalers they sell to. So, the wholesaler charges the retailer more and then the retailer charges you and me more. Unfortunately, you and I don’t have anyone to pass it on to, so we’re left holding the bag. We’re the ultimate consumer.

    • C

      My first reply got trashed, so I’ll try it again. There’s not a for profit business in the country that pays taxes. They all pass it on down the line in the price of the goods or services they sell. Unfortunately, you and I are last in line, and don’t have anyone to pass the cost to, so we are the ultimate consumer.

  • Cindy Alexander

    Michigan is #6 in the nation for highest gas tax, named the worst roads in the country….so the solution is to increase the gas tax by 45 per gallon??? If CEOs had that mindset they wouldn’t be in business very long.

  • We the people

    I’m a business owner and I don’t back it, any business owner that had common sense will tell you it’s no good cuz the money won’t go to the roads that frost ruins every year. Hear you go democrats why dont you fix the frost issue since you guys are so smart.

  • C

    Question for the ‘moderator’. What did I say that got two replies trashed. No profanity. No personal attacks. Only my thoughts. Please let me know here so I and others will know what not to say.

  • brian

    More like a bunch of University Presidents. Wretchen Gretchen is going to bankrupt the people of michigan. Love the plan to increase education spending. Maybe they can get teachers to retire after 25 years with full benefits instead of 30. It’s not like the pay for University Presidents is out of control…

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