Officer who ended US-131 shootout awarded Police Medal

Dash Camera from GRPD

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Grand Rapids police officer who stopped a shootout on US-131 was given the Police Medal at the 2018 GRPD Awards Dinner.

Officer Todd Wuis was driving a patrol vehicle on September 27 when officers from Wyoming and Grand Rapids chased a homicide suspect from Wyoming north on US-131 into downtown. The suspect, Adam Nolin, crashed on the highway and then got out of his pickup truck and started shooting at officers.  Officer Wuis used his vehicle to hit Nolin, knocking his gun away.  Nolin was taken into custody and no officers were seriously injured.

The department Facebook post says that the Police Medal is the highest award obtainable by a living Grand Rapids police officer.

Nolin is expected to be back in court later this month on murder charges.


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  • Augster

    You would think the mayor could muster up a little bit of gratitude for such fine police work. It takes decadence for her to pay an ounce of homage to anything or anyone.

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