11-year-old shot trooper dad as he slept for taking video games away, court docs say

GRANGER, Ind. – An 11-year-old boy reportedly shot his own father – an Indiana State Police trooper – over video games.

According to court documents obtained by WSBT, the state trooper’s son devised a plan to shoot his dad with his service gun while he was at school that day because he “was done with all of that” and “wanted it to end.”

The trooper said he keeps his gun locked in his car, so his kids wouldn’t have access to it. The boy allegedly said he went to his dad’s car three different times to look for the gun.

When he finally got it, he took the weapon into his parents’ room where they were sleeping. He waited “about 10 minutes” until his dad rolled over and was facing away from the door, and then he fired one shot into his backside, according to the documents.

When the trooper started screaming, his wife went to look for the boy, and she saw him going up the stairs with a gun and a Taser, the documents say.

The trooper is still recovering from the shot and is said to be steadily improving, WSBT reports.

The boy allegedly told investigators after the shooting if he didn’t get his video games, there would be “a part two,” and said he wanted to shoot his dad in the head but couldn’t because of the way he was laying down.

He also said he tested the Taser on the family’s dog before the shooting, according to authorities.

The 11-year-old is now facing charges of attempted murder in juvenile court. His next court date is set for April 10th.

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  • ok

    his son sits at the dinner table and listens to his dad talk about all the people that pissed him off today and how they need a bullet . obviously ..

  • Warrior of GOD

    First off, this is the problem with our laws when it comes to people under 18 who break the law. This kid intentionally planned to kill his father over a stupid video game, and now he is being charged in a juvenile court. Second off, instead of being charged as an adult for committing an adult crime, he will get a slap on the hand. He should be charged as an adult, placed in an adult prison, and serve adult time for his adult crime. He should be executed for taking a life. A life for a life is how the law should read. Third off, video games have destroyed our youth. They live in a fantasy world!

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