Breeder faces charges after 700+ dogs rescued from property

BERRIEN COUNTY, Ga. – A dog breeder is facing serious charges this week after more than 700 dogs were rescued from his property.

According to a Facebook post from the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office, the Georgia Department of Agriculture approached law enforcement to investigate Reason Gray’s business, Georgia Puppies.

Gray voluntarily surrendered 630 dogs, but law enforcement found 85 more puppies when they executed a search warrant. Deputies said he likely moved these dogs off the property during the surrender and brought them back shortly thereafter.

“There are many questions yet to be answered and one huge one is how this licensed pet dealer was allowed to have an operation with this many beautiful creatures to be able to populate to the point of being out of control and inhumane,” Berrien County Sheriff Ray Paulk said in the post.

Gray is currently being held in jail and has given up his pet dealer’s license.

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  • David and ameLia bush

    I want a great pyrenees all white or a samiodraindeer all white or a all black Newfenlander or a all whit e sheppard

  • Delta Lima Bravo

    George… 100%!!!

    When will people understand that this level of cruelty makes the perpetrator a danger not just to animals, but humans too? Especially younger or vulnerable adults as well (mentally or physically disabled). It’s predatory behavior and this type of crime has been strongly correlated with those who also victimize other marginalized or vulnerable ppl.
    It’s been so easy for ppl to dismiss any serious outcry on behalf of those without a voice, and it often necessary to fight through the insults and judgement for change.

    It is hardly just the “crazed PETA radicals” It’s an ever increasing group of people from mainstream society.

    Similarly, the opposition tries to argue (dismiss) those of us who share similar viewpoints making ridiculous assumption and claims that animal advocates that we value lives of animals over human life. Simply irrational and ignorant. Exploitation of these vulnerable lives, is pathological and needs to be dealt with severely.

    Individuals with mental impairment requires a different approach but still necessitates that other lives, in addition to their own. are protected in a manner appropriate for the case specifics.

  • Stop the Maddness

    Lock him up in a cage small enough to hold him in the fetal position and stuff a baseball bat in his orifice and leave it there.

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