Arizona zoo says jaguar that injured woman who stood too close to enclosure will not be put down

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. – A jaguar that injured a woman who crossed the barrier of the animal’s enclosure to get a photo is in no danger of being put down, the zoo tweeted.

Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park tweeted yesterday that witnesses reported seeing the woman cross over the barrier to take a photo. At no time was the jaguar loose.

The zoo also tweeted asking people to understand why barriers are put in place and offering prayers to the family of the woman who sustained a non-life-threatening injury in the incident.

In response to multiple inquiries on Twitter about what would happen to the jaguar, the zoo said she would not be put down and that it is not the animal’s fault when barriers are crossed.

The zoo said there were proper barriers in place, but incident will still be fully investigated.


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  • steve

    Good decision. Whether in this case or others, where human beings are so damn stupid to assume that an animal that’s out of its element is going to behave like a human is both sad and laughable. The animal’s probably not happy in the first place and an intrusion by a human can trigger an uncomfortable reaction.

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