Dozens of K-9 units visit terminally ill Wisconsin girl who loves dogs

HARTLAND, Wisc. – A terminally ill Wisconsin girl who adores dogs got a visit over the weekend from more than 35 K-9 teams from across the state.

Emma Mertens, a 7-year-old who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, has received countless letters of encouragement and photos of pups from all around the world, but on Saturday she got to meet dozens of police dogs in person.

Officers and their furry counterparts were all smiles as they greeted Emma and her family and posed for plenty of photos.

"There are no words....Pure Joy!, reads a post on Team Emma's Facebook page. "Thank you to everyone who took the time to organize and participate in this."

In late January, Mertens was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), a rare brain tumor. A family friend thought it would be nice to raise the spirits of the little animal lover with a letter from her dog. She asked her friends to do the same.

Mertens has received more than 75,000 well wishes from across the world. Team Emma's GoFundMe has raised nearly $125,000.

To share your dog pictures with Emma, send them to:

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  • Unslaved

    It’s ironic because those dogs are the police’s main weapon for getting cancer-fighting medicine off the streets.

  • Matt

    How deranged is this? She is visitted by animals who are trained to be completly aggressive and brought by equally aggressive people who are scared by dogs and claim justifacation in the killing of homeowners pets across this nation. Not the greatest choice in role models. If it were my child they wouldn’t be visited by government employees. A better choice would have been a group like the SPCA bring her dogs who have not been abused and manipulated through violence.

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