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  • Tabitha

    I think that is cruel for using animals like that for testing, they don’t wanna die, just like we don’t wanna die and to use these poor animals😞. Use them when their dead or something. Get those babies out of there!. Why can’t they use themselves? Exactly..😑.#1 beaglesfan+animallover💙

  • Samantha Estep

    Why dogs? How about child molesters, child murderers, sex traffickers. What you guys are doing to innocent animals is cruel and you should be prosecuted for animal abuse! So many of the dogs in that video look malnourished.

  • Mary Wood

    This cruel process of experimenting on beagles must stop.
    I will boycott your products, and notify my friends tondo so.

  • D

    Will not purchase Dow products. I will always think of the tortured beagles every time I see your products on store shelves. You were senselessly ending dogs lives. Shame on you !!

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