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Measles case confirmed in Oakland County

PONTIAC, Mich. — The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services have confirmed a case of measles in Oakland County.

MDHHS says the case it is a travel-related case after the person went to Israel and New York.

Oakland County health officials say people could have been exposed to measles at the following locations:

  • Lincoln Liquor & Rx at 25901 Coolidge Highway in Oak Park on Friday, March 8, from 12:20 to 2:45 p.m.
  • Jerusalem Pizza at 26025 Greenfield Road in Southfield on Tuesday, March 12 and Wednesday, March 13 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Other exposures may have happened daily from March 6 to March 13 at these locations:

  • One Stop Kosher Market at 25155 Greenfield Rd. in Southfield
  • Ahavas Olam Torah Center at 15620 W. 10 Mile Rd. in Southfield
  • Congregation Yagdil Torah at 17100 W. 10 Mile Rd. in Southfield
  • Yeshiva Gedolah of Greater Detroit at 24600 Greenfield Rd. in Oak Park
  • Kollel Institute of Greater Detroit at 15230 Lincoln St. in Oak Park

People who were possibly exposed to measles are advised to watch for symptoms for 21 days. If symptoms develop, inform your healthcare provider so they can take precautions to prevent further exposure.

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  • Derp

    This is news? Going to start writing a story every time someone gets a cold? Measles is a brief inconvenience for the one person who has it. The seasonal flu is more dangerous/deadly than Measles.

    • Sara

      Check out the ingredeints, and side effects of vaccines and ask yourself why would you inject that into your blood stream ?
      Lastly we have vaccine court/ National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program….. I say follow the money and itll lead us to the truth, vaccines are a money maker and a great way to de populate.

      Soon we will hear them say you have a head ache dont worry theres a vaccine for that, its all about the money not to better humanity.

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